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Warehousing services

LIBERTY AUTO LLC occupies more than 3,000 m2 of A class warehouses which regularly undergo technical condition inspection.

LIBERTY AUTO provides the following services:

  • Shelf storage of goods;
  • Inventory accounting of goods is performed in the Customer’s accounting units;
  • Revision of accounting systems and leftover stock, as well as expiry date of goods;
  • Repackaging and marking of goods;
  • Sampling for necessary research


A customs warehouse is a customs regime according to which foreign or Ukrainian goods are stored under customs control with a conditional full exemption from taxation by customs fees and without using measures of non-tariff regulation of foreign economic activity.

Advantages of placing goods in the customs warehouse, obligatory customs payments are not paid, the following actions are allowed with the permission of the customs authorities:

  • To divide a batch of goods. For example, an entity of foreign economic activity has the opportunity to withdraw from the specified inventory goods in small batches into the stream of commerce when importing a large batch of goods into the territory of Ukraine, and subsequently placing it in a customs warehouse, that allows him to form a batch of goods in the quantity that is necessary for sale to the final consumer at the present time, while obligatory customs fees are paid during customs clearance of a formed batch of goods;
  • Label the goods, for example, if the goods are imported to the territory of Ukraine without marking labels issued in accordance with the requirements of national legislation;
  • Sampling for examination in order to obtain the necessary expert opinions, permits (for example, a certificate of conformity) or the definition of the product code in accordance with UKT VED (Ukrainian Classification of Commodities for Foreign Economic Activity).

Warehouse premises and the territory are protected by professional security guards around the clock. All the premises are equipped with the systems of video surveillance, automatic fire extinguishing, air conditioning and lighting. Staffed checkpoint and automatic registration of goods are provided at the territory of the complex.


Consignment storage is an economic operation which is performed by a legal entity and anticipates the transfer of the material values to another legal entity without changing the material’s qualitative and quantitative characteristics under the agreements for storage without the right to use them with further return of such materials.

After drawing up the storage agreement, the company accepts the “another entity’s” goods and undertakes to bear full responsibility both for the protection of the goods and the safety of its quality characteristics.

Such storage of goods allows the enterprise to save money without quality deterioration of the goods.

There is a number of advantages of consignment storage services:

  • Payment only for the area occupied by the goods
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Insurance of goods
  • Optimization of costs for cargo handling
  • There is no need to rent warehouses and organize the work of staff.