Customs clearance is a set of certain procedures and actions related to the movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine depending on the chosen operation.

What are the difficulties? It all depends on the type of the selected operation:

  • Import;
  • Export;;
  • Re-export;
  • Re-import;;
  • Temporary import/export;
  • Transit.

There are special procedures, rules and a list of necessary permits for tariff and non-tariff regulation for each of the operation.


It is necessary to take everything into account during customs clearance, because the process of customs clearance can be stopped by customs, if it reveals errors in the customs declaration or the discrepancy in the documents of foreign trade activities or in the permits. All this creates the additional costs which the entity of foreign economic activity must pay.

We guarantee quality service by offering customs brokerage services because:

  • Our customs clearance staff who have many years of experience working with customs authorities ensure high-quality provision of services and overcome any difficulties primarily considering and defending the interests of our customers;
  • Registration of a wide range of goods classification in all groups according to UKT VED for any operations;
  • We carry out an in-depth study of documents with preliminary consultation of our clients;
  • We quickly and promptly perform our work on customs clearance with the highest quality and within the established deadlines;
  • We obtain the permits which are related to customs clearance;
  • The availability of own customs warehouse which is equipped with shelve stands;

The use of customs warehouse allows you to minimize the customer’s expenses arising during the customs clearance process.


During customs clearance, it is necessary to have the permits issued by the controlling agencies depending on the goods code:

  • Certificates of conformity
  • Declaration on compliance with technical regulations
  • Conclusions of the metrological service
  • Permits from Ministry of Public Health
  • Phytosanitary certificates
  • SES conclusions and so on.

If it is necessary to obtain these documents, we prepare a full required documentation package and receive these documents for the Clients.


We provide a full range of cargo customs clearance services 

  • Registration of cargo according to the selected operation;
  • Cargo clearance according to ATA Carnet System;
  • Obtaining the required permits;
  • Obtaining a financial guarantee to ensure the payment of customs fees
  • The customs clearance of cargo is performed by a professional team of highly qualified level which is confirmed by qualification certificates, theoretical knowledge of documents execution and practical experience.